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Mitchell MCN helps clients manage the claims of people who have been in auto and workers' compensation accidents.

Among lots of natural light, the company's Tampa office features a pingpong conference table, a large kitchen/meeting space, and its special "Siesta Key" intimate space where people can relax in a rocking chair, unwind with a scent diffuser and use the yoga mat. 

The large kitchen with 36 seats allows Mitchell MCN employees the space to gather and enjoy each other’s company.

"We often have game night or karaoke night and spend hours in this space competing at games such as table tennis, indoor golf, Jenga and Taboo but most of our time is spent laughing together or at each other when we attempt to 'sing' our favorite songs," according to submission materials. "The entire office is very open and surrounded by large windows that allow the beautiful Florida sunshine to cover each and every work station so that we can honestly say, 'There’s not a bad seat in the house.'”

About the project

Date of completed renovation: March 2019  

Property owner: Ciminelli Real Estate Corp. 

Construction firm: Stephen L. Gehring Construction 

Square footage: 5,610 

Floor count: One 

No. of company employees: 20 in Tampa, 150 in the MCN division, over 4,000 at Mitchell International

About the company

Industry: Insurance 

Phone: 813-908-6700 

Address: 14499 N Dale Mabry Hwy., Suite 230, Tampa, FL 33618


Website: mcn.com/ 

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/mitchell-international 

Twitter: @Mitchell_Intl