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Building Trust with Quality Work


January 25, 2019

To Whom It May Concern:

On behalf of Protect My Ministry, it is our pleasure to recommend Stephen L. Gehring Construction for consideration for other projects.

Protect My Ministry is a National and International full-service Background Check organization providing our services for pre-employment and volunteer purposes. We service over 35,000 corporations, faith-based, and youth sports organizations throughout the United States. Stephen L. Gehring Construction was the general contractor for a total remodel of our 12,000 sq. ft. headquarters in Tampa, FL. Stephen L. Gehring Construction fulfilled their duties as general contractor to the satisfaction of all parties. The project was completed within the schedule and budget amounts set forth in agreement with Stephen L. Gehring Construction and the property management company, Ciminelli Real Estate Services.

The on-site personnel of Gehring Construction did a great job of communicating and keeping our company informed during the process. Additionally, our company needed to remain operational during the remodel, requiring the project be split into 3 equal phases and the relocation of approximately 80 employees throughout the multiple phases.  Gehring Construction was very flexible and adaptable to our needs throughout.  Our Project Manager, Stephen Gehring, Jr., was very accommodating to our needs and wishes as the remodel progressed. Overall, the project workmanship was excellent, and all issues were addressed in a timely manner. 

In summary, Protect My Ministry would recommend the services of Stephen L. Gehring Construction to others and would not hesitate to use Stephen L. Gehring Construction in the future.


Steven Ramsey                                                                                  Travis Del Rosal

Research Manager                                                                         Director of Operations

This letter is to register our complete satisfaction with the work performed by Gehring Construction for our recent build-out project. I admit that we were reluctant to initiate this major renovation during our busiest time of year, but the level of professionalism displayed by their craftsmen and contractors was tremendous. We appreciate the coordination with our hours of operation, safety of the environment, quality of workmanship and materials used and the thoughtful communication from start to completion.

Steve and James were particularly responsive to all of our needs. Their subcontractors were clean, courteous and efficient. The entire team deserves your strongest praise.

Please convey my thanks to Gehring Construction for a job well done. From our perspective, CimLink is extremely well-served by Gehring for all construction, build-out and renovation projects.

Gregory B. Neal, President and CEO/RBM

Letter to Frank L. Ciminelli

Dear Frank,

We are writing this letter to tell you of our most positive experience moving from Suite 202 to Suite 305 at 3816 W. Linebaugh Avenue in Tampa.

Stephen L. Gehring was the company that built out our new suite. Everyone in the operation from Stephen Gehring, himself, to Steve, Jr. and Smitty were so concerned that this job be completed not only on time, but that the job was done THE RIGHT WAY, with no short-cuts, and constantly insuring that it was to our satisfaction, even down to the paint colors. You could not choose a better group to do your construction work. Their penchant for detail, cleanliness and follow-through was impressive. When they said they were going to do something, THEY DID IT!! Their professionalism is second to none, and when paired with your Tampa group, makes an extraordinary team!  (We have had others work on our previous suite--with absolutely no comparison. They weren't even in the same ballpark!)

Thank you for putting this team together. We truly felt they made our move as stress-free as possible.

Ivan Margolis, Vice President/Home Loan Corporation

Dear Mr. Gehring,

I must admit that prior to our project being permitted, I was somewhat skeptical of your time schedules on the build-out of our health club. Not a typical one mind you; nothing but a shell of a glass enclosed building with a dirt floor to begin with. We were anxiously under the gun to open as early in the year to benefit from the New Year's resolution clientele. Not only did you meet it, you succeeded to complete it early, in spite of the additional work that  I had submitted to you mid-stream and the unexpected delays from the County, as well as Tampa Electric. The club is even more beautiful than I imagined on paper and your company has received countless compliments from our new members commenting on how nice it is. It was a pleasure to work with Steve Gehring, Jr., who was just as particular to detail as I. Most project managers are only interested in finishing quickly and hoping for minimal remarks on the walk-through punch list.  Not Steve.  To this day, he frequently checks in with us to make sure everything is to our satisfaction.

In closing, I would highly recommend Gehring Construction for any new design or renovation project. Being in the architectural metals & glass field for over twenty years, I am accurate to say that your company is the epitome of professionalism and excellent work ethics, one that takes pride in its name.

Tim Gardner, President/Body*Tech Fitness Emporium, Inc.

I wanted to take a few minutes and write you a side note in regards to Steve and his team as I know we tend to forget to give feedback from our end when in full motion.  As I previously stated to you, I worked with Steve in Midtown and was extremely excited to work with him again. I am sure you can agree when I state it is a known fact that takeovers can definitely be challenging especially when unforeseen issues arise that were not in the original scope. Steve has not only been great throughout the project, but even more so after GO.  On my store's behalf, I can say Steve has been a tremendous support. Most GC's would not pick up the phone once off a job, however, Steve shows a true compassion for his work. Maybe part of it being we have a good work relationship, but I think it goes further than that; for example, when Steve misses a call, his first words upon calling back are, "IS EVERYTHING OK?!".  I am sure you are aware of the small follow-up issues we have been having and Steve has always ensured an immediate response. I feel he has taken a lot of his time to ensure we are a successful store to the extent that I feel bad calling him at times. Although I am not the best with construction terminology, I have personally done a lot and have a construction background and I can tell you that although commercial jobs, he does not cut any corners! From our WM ratings, I would say he goes above and beyond to the extreme that at times, he takes it upon himself to just get it done. He has not only taken guys, but also himself off of jobs to ensure we would be back in business asap.  I am very fortunate his office is based nearby and hope to maintain this relationship with his company. 

If given the opportunity in the future of any other project, I would always ask for his team to bid and be highly considered and strongly recommend him!

Julien Schneider, Store Manager/Wal*Mart Stores, Inc.